Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Baby Doyle!

Wow it's been a while since I've last posted something! Well many may already know but i'll say it again because I'm so so excited! We have a little baby on the way!!! yea!!!! Things are going great! Baby has been active and it has been a fun experience, feeling the baby move! On Oct 20 we went in for our doc apt. and we found out what the baby's gender is!!!.... we are having a BOY! he's going to be a little stud!!! just like his daddy :) We are planning on naming him after his daddy! Thomas Francis Doyle! Right now i'm 21 weeks, pasted the half way mark...yeaaaaa!!! it's actually going by really quick! But boy my tummy is growning alot... been a little sore because my skin is definately not use to stretching so much. OH I should probably mention the baby's due date is March 10th!

Other things that have been going on are... I'm still working at the REX making sub zero ice cream. still enjoying it! Tom has left the pizza shop and is now working for the school building the sets for the plays... he is enjoying it!!! He really loves building things and working with his hands! He's amazing at it! He's also excited that this will open more opportunities for him to go hunting! so he's been going out with some friends! haven't gotten anything yet, but has been having fun! crossing our fingers for this time! He is also planning on signing up for fast grad so he can complete school alot quicker! We are getting to the point the we are ready to move on! We are both also very excited for this dec. We actually get to spend christmas with the family! We will be spending Christmas with Toms family at Grandma D's house in Montana and from there go straight down to Utah to spend time with My family and to celebrate such a wonderful day as Kristy and Neil get married! i'm so excited for them. WEll I guess that catches you up to everything going on currently!

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